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KiReport is the name of a Web Service based on SOAP protocol for requesting reports about companies and persons. Requested reports are in XML format.


WSDL is located at



Report requesting

Name Type Description
Input: productCode xs:string Report (product) code
subjectCode xs:string Subject code. (Depending on report subject can be a registry code of a company, personal identity code, etc)
Output: xml xs:string Requested report in XML format.


Requesting the list of available reports.

Name Type Description
Output: xml xs:string Requested available reports list in XML format. XML schema in xsd format is located at and in png format KiReport__getAvailableReports.png. An empty tag available_reports will be given in XML, if a person who requests do not have any available reports.

Example in PHP

Example of using KiReport in PHP:

 * Example of using KiReport web service of Creditinfo AS
 * Certificate issued by Creditinfo is needed to use KiReport interface.
 * @author Rait Kapp <>
 * @created 18.09.2007

$wsdl_url = '';
$server_url = ''; 

$params = array('location' => $server_url
              , 'login'         => 'online_code' // Online Code issued by Creditinfo client management. Make sure that login value is string type (PHP bug?).
              , 'password'      => 'passwd'

/*            If you want to use certificate, then uncomment this block and comment params login and password!
              , 'local_cert'    => 'path/certificate.pem' // Here goes path to certificate file.
              , 'passphrase'    => 'passwd'  // Here goes password of certificate.
//            , 'proxy_host'    => ''   // If necessary use proxy and proxy port.
//            , 'proxy_port'    => 8080
              , 'encoding' => 'UTF-8'

$client = new SoapClient($wsdl_url, $params);

$productCode = 'RAXXXE';
$subjectCode = '00000000';

$xml = $client->getReport($productCode, $subjectCode);


$xml = $client->getAvailableReports();
echo $xml;



Developers can always use example report RAXXXE (productCode) for debugging. It is free of charge. The XML Schema of RAXXXE can be obtained from

The example of RAXXXE:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<report xmlns="http//">
    <string_tag>I am a string</string_tag>
    <codes_tag>&amp; '  &quot; &lt; &gt;</codes_tag>
    <est_character_tag>õ ä ö ü Õ Ä Ö Ü</est_character_tag>

The input parameter subjectCode value is always assigned to the tag subject_code.

Error Codes

-20101 No permission for PRODUCT_CODE!

Creditinfo has not granted permission for client to request certain report. To get permissions contact client support.

-20102 Subject code value is missing!

The input parameter subjectCode has no any value.

-20103 Invalid subject code value!

Specified subject code is in wrong format.

-10186 No Report

There is no any reports for this subject. Example: not submitted annual report is requested.

-20104 No price registered for product PRODUCT_CODE!

The product price is not registered. Please contact the client support.


Test reports are generated for specific subject, product and inquirer. You get the error if one of them is wrong.


The report cannot be generated, because there is no any information about the subject in Creditinfo database.


Subject code does not exist.